About Us

Full Project is born in Bari, Italy from an idea to mix the styles of two talented salsa dancers who learned from the same teacher. These two are Gigi Bellomo and Gigi Bianco, and they have become, together with their team of trained salsa dancers, a world famous salsa group that is known to be fluent in all salsa influences and have created a unique style, dancing everything from mambo, cuban salsa, pachanga, rumba, to son, cha cha… With Full Project, you will be trained by the best of the best!


Salsa - Beginner

1, 2, 3; 5, 6, 7… Start learning salsa from the very start! Everything from counts, musicality, body movement and all you must know about the basics as a solo or in couple.

Salsa - Beginner-Intermediate

Ok, you got this. You’re past the basics, let’s add some flavor with new steps! Start breaking in the musicality and flow behind every different movement. With a good foundation, every next advanced step and turn will be a piece of cake. Here starts de base of Full Project style.

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